As an author, he has authored 45 books (http://www.ksiddhartha.com/physical-books.php) on Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Sciences, Human Geography, International Relations, History and Culture and for Civil Services Examination (www.ksiddhartha.com). 1. Deliberately Contrived false issues of population problem. Cairo, 1996 2. A Model of flood generating factors in India- Hyderabad 1996 3. Curriculum Reform and development for increasing Environmental awareness among school children. Delhi 1996. 4. Role of attitude and emotional intelligence in Civil Services – Hyderabad 2001 5. Urban floods, A Case of Study of Mumbai – Mumbai 2006 6.Decentralised development of Steel Industry through Integration Agglomeration and use of bagasse. Noida, 2006 7. Sustainable Island Tourism, New approaches for Greece. Rhodes, 2007. 8. Extinction of dinosaurs due to radiation in Deccan basalt. Evidences from Dahand – Rajkot 2008 9. New evidences of volcanic eruption sources from Deccan basalt and its impact on Cretaceous palaeogeography. Panaji, Goa 2009