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Civil services have been a preferred career choice for lakhs of talented men and women coming out of colleges and universities in India for decades.
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Breaking monotony

Prepared with the help of the most experienced experts on relevant issues/topics, our programs would break the monotony and offer the candidates something new in an innovative manner with proper perspective which will certainly give them edge over others.

Future of Coaching

The entire coaching industry is undergoing a churn with many new players experimenting with various teaching methods and techniques. Technology will be playing a very important role in it.

Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.

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    Former DGP, UP and Chief of BSF, UPSC member

    IPS, Former DGP, UP & Media Personality, UPSC member

    IPS, Former DGP, Tripura

    Former High Commissioner of India to Canada

    National National Fellow in Political Science at IIAS, Shimla

    IAS, (Former Secretary, Ministry of Telecommunication)

    Agricultural Scientist. And former advisor to UP Government on Agricultural Policy.

    Strategic thinker, and Advisor to several Governments, Earth and Environmental Scientist.

    Thought Leadership Mentor and Motivational Guru, Melbourne Australia.

    Strategic Accelerator, Real Estate Advisor & Educationist

    Former Postdoctoral Associate in Neurosciences at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, and Former Postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus Universities

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    Nicolas Brown, Instructor

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    Ema Ducon, Student


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    Maria Jonson, Student

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    Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.

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