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Former DGP, UP and Chief of BSF, UPSC member

IPS, Former DGP, UP & Media Personality, UPSC member

IPS, Former DGP, Tripura

National National Fellow in Political Science at IIAS, Shimla

IAS, (Former Secretary, Ministry of Telecommunication)

Agricultural Scientist. And former advisor to UP Government on Agricultural Policy.

Strategic thinker, and Advisor to several Governments, Earth and Environmental Scientist.

Thought Leadership Mentor and Motivational Guru, Melbourne Australia.

Strategic Accelerator, Real Estate Advisor & Educationist

CEO of Excel Academy, Hyderabad

Director AIR, Gorakhpur

Former Postdoctoral Associate in Neurosciences at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, and Former Postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus Universities

CEO NextGen & NC Airways