Civil Services TV

Civil services have been a preferred career choice for lakhs of talented men and women coming out of colleges and universities in India for decades. Almost one million students appear for the examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) considered to be the most difficult to crack.

The number of candidates attempting to clear it has almost tripled in the last one decade. From 3.84 lakh in 2006, it has reached 11.38 lakh in 2022 (approximate figures) despite the vacancies remaining static (somewhere around 1,000).

Pre-occupation with books, classes and notes can often lead to decline in the level of concentration leading to poor reception and retention of information and knowledge sought to be acquired. Also, not everything can be taught through books, classrooms and notes.

It’s for this reason that we propose to launch an exclusive digital TV platform — Civil Services TV — for UPSC aspirants. By using audio-visual educational programs, particularly on national, international and other important issues, we intend to help students to prepare themselves better for civil services without getting further stressed out.

Popularity of RSTV among civil services aspirants is a testimony to the fact that they are very much interested in such programs. RSTV has more than 2.87 million subscribers on YouTube.

This is all the more important as there have been complaints from civil services aspirants about decline in quality of programmes of all channels. Many have questioned the alleged ideological tinge of its programmes reflected in selection of guests/experts.

Once we launch an exclusive channel for civil services, all those preparing for central and state civil services would automatically flock to our channel, provided we offer quality content, preferably better than what is offered by RSTV.

Breaking monotony

Prepared with the help of the most experienced experts on relevant issues/topics, our programs would break the monotony and offer the candidates something new in an innovative manner with proper perspective which will certainly give them edge over others.
A candidate can effortlessly watch an episode once he gets tired after long hours of classroom teaching or self-study. It can work as a breath of fresh air rejuvenating him/her for further studies.

Future of Coaching

The entire coaching industry is undergoing a churn with many new players experimenting with various teaching methods and techniques. Technology will be playing a very important role in it.

In the post COVID age, the world institutions will undergo restructuring and one such effort to aid this restructuring will be  CSTV in India.

We plan to revolutionise Digital Content Space in no uncertain terms in the coming future. CSTV plans to cater to the aspirations of students, but it has its eyes firmly set up on the future emerging space of a channel that will be Honest-Unbiased-Truthful in every manner.

We need your blessings, your guidance and share of your life experience.

What we are planning to launch is also technology-based innovative learning method using audio-visual medium. In future, we can be an e-learning platform as well by providing audio-visual lectures on various topics of any optional subject or General Studies or Ethics.